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Amy sos un ángel. QEPD 23/7/11

On that note though: taking a 3-5 day break to be a human, read a book, and finish a project.

Im so goddamn open and vulnerable on this site. I feel that people on here know me wayyy better than I do them or know me better than ppl in real life. So when we meet up, it’s mostly me learning about you and I’m trusting your judgement that you think I’m cool and we’ll be cool, unless you’re like in my mental map of revolving myspace tumblr top 10.

I knew an ex who followed me on twitter and wanted to get back together because he felt he *knew me* after following me so much. and he was just lurking never engaging, so basically he acted like I was through social media having a one sided convo with him but really i wasn’t even checking for him. hhmmmph

i spent 4 years on this motherfucking site this month. I’ve met most of my west cost ppl. some of yall convinced me to move to the otherside of the world for a year. i don’t know wether this is healthy or not but it is what it is.

If I get married, Tumblr will be the first to know.

forever hating on english teaching friends in korea going to vacation in laos and myanmar. Why am I even here?

Your glasses are so cute!!!!!!

veta a la mierd-

Jk chulo

okay better

pendejeando said: Why am I always asleep during the best discussions

because you live in aus. get on our level hemisphere

  • dude: send me a pic
  • me: leslie_gore_you_dont_own_me.mp3

izotecipotx said: I don’t think this comparison is good n it’s kinda gross tbh

izotecipotx yeah i agree. it wasn’t my comparison, but the dude at this conference i was living tweeting for. like on so many lvls for holocaust survivors but also because we have to use white victims as a point of reference to have brown kid’s humanity considered.

Sehr interessant
So if we’re gonna compare central Américan refugee situation to turning boats back in the Holocaust, can we say the USA is nazi germany??



how personally? /bear_voice_mp3

dont speak to me in that tone, you are not bear, you are osito at best


how personally? /bear_voice_mp3

dont speak to me in that tone, you are not bear, you are osito at best

seriously though, end the top/bottom dichotomy or i will personally end it for you.


Convincing a top to bottom


Convincing a top to bottom